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File:06-Resident-Evil-6.jpgFile:Agarest War 2 Cover.jpgFile:BioShock Infinite 'VGA 2011 Trailer' TRUE-HD QUALITY
File:Blazblue cs extend.jpgFile:BoderlandsThumb.jpgFile:Borderlands 2 Teaser Trailer HD
File:DarknessThumb.jpgFile:DarksidersThumb.jpgFile:Darksiders 2 Exclusive Death Teaser Trailer HD
File:DiabloThumb.jpgFile:Diablo III Cinematic TeaserFile:DishonoredThumb.jpg
File:Dishonored - QuakeCon 2011 Preview (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)File:Example.jpgFile:Favicon.ico
File:FinalFantasyThumb.jpgFile:Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Time Travel TrailerFile:Forum new.gif
File:GTAThumb.jpgFile:GW2Thumb.jpgFile:Grand Theft Auto V Trailer
File:InfiniteThumb.jpgFile:KingdomsThumb.jpgFile:Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Debut Trailer HD
File:ME3Thumb.jpgFile:MP3Thumb.jpgFile:Mass Effect 3 Voice Cast Reveal
File:Max Payne 3 - Behind the Scenes - Design and Technology Targeting and WeaponsFile:NinjaGaidenThumb.jpgFile:Playground
File:Proto2.jpgFile:Prototype 2 OFFICIAL trailer (2012)File:Rainbow-6-Patriots.jpg
File:Record of Agarest War 2 US Announcement TrailerFile:ResidentEvil6.jpgFile:Resident Evil 6 reveal trailer
File:SSX US ESRB X360-finalboxart 160w.jpgFile:Secret World Cover.jpgFile:Spec-Ops-The-Line cover.png
File:Spec Ops The Line - Journey TrailerFile:StreetFighterThumb.jpgFile:Street Fighter X Tekken Pandora trailer
File:TGS 2011 Ninja Gaiden III - Consequence Trailer (PS3, Xbox 360)File:The Amazing Spider-Man video game.pngFile:The Last Guardian Official TGS 2010 Trailer HD - Pixel Enemy
File:The Last of Us VGA 2011 TrailerFile:The Secret World - dark days are coming - MMO video game official cinematic movie trailerFile:TombRaiderThumb.jpg
File:Tomb Raider Official Trailer (E3 2011)File:UnchartedThumb.jpgFile:Uncharted Golden Abyss Gameplay Trailer (E3 2011)